The end at the beginning

I’ve never had a desire to write for an audience outside academics until now. And I suppose my purpose here is really to write for me, to write as therapy. Having an audience just keeps me honest, preventing the distortion that sometimes follows with focused introspection.

Speaking of writing for school, right now I should be finishing a paper on mental health parity under obamacare, and starting several other papers that I have either not completed or started yet….but I can’t. I literally can’t focus a single unit of focus on high level thought right now. It is actually amazing that I am even able to presently pull off this stream of consciousness word vomit.

One might ask why, and I would hesitate to respond because when I speak about it my voice shakes like Cher with autotune. If I type about it, I hesitate as well, because as much as my motivation for typing these words is to deal with leftover feelings from a relationship mess, I don’t want to have a whiny breakup blog. I want to evolve my writing through the current pain to a place of more accessibility. I hope this blog begins in the doldrums of loneliness and unrequited love but moves towards dealing more broadly with the interests i enjoy discussing…philosophy, science, social policy, the supernatural(!), and the spiritual.

For today there is just a single thing I want to do. I don’t want to get into aforementioned breakup whining. What I want to do is challenge anyone who reads this to single out one or more people in your life who have an especially positive influence. Tell them what special people they are, and remind them how you treasure your relationship. I’ve found a great deal of value in these types of interactions recently. Start with that friend who you always forget to call or text back and send them a short message. It takes almost no time at all, and yet, has the power to totally transform or reaffirm your connection.